Podcast of the Month - Epic Gardening

Published August 16, 2022

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With any new hobby that you get stuck into, you can probably find a podcast out there that will offer up help, tips and advice. My increasing obsession with veg growing and gardening means I was quickly searching for green-fingered podcasts and this one caught my attention quite quickly. Epic Gardening is a mission founded by Kevin Espiritu and with a host of expert collaborators to get people growing more plants.

The podcast is a short, sharp daily show, usually 5-10 minutes only, that focus on one topic with advice or answering a listener question. I love a short show and I really enjoy these bite-size snippets of information. Even if the specific daily show isn’t particularly relevant to what I’m growing (it’s a US show that covers all kinds of gardening topics so not everything grabs my attention), it’s still great to see what the themes are and where we are in the growing season.

Recent episodes include:

  • Good Composting Habits
  • How to Grow an Indoor Outdoor Herb Garden
  • Picking the Right Plants For Your Garden
  • Quick Crops For Small Spaces
  • The Most Common Tomato Problems You’ll Have

Each episode feels like just a little boost that either answers a question you didn’t know you had, or intrigues you to research something further, and I think that’s the best kind of podcast there is! Even better when you can listen to it whilst pottering around your latest crops.

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