Wimbledon 2022

Published July 11, 2022

A tennis net with sunset behind

Two weeks of tennis drew to a close yesterday, with the Wimbledon 2022 tennis tournament crowning its final champion and then standing down to give the grass its well-earned rest.

It wasn’t a simple fortnight, with plenty of discussion points and controversies, and a final day of tennis that included a fight for the men’s singles championship between two less-than-ideal candidates.

I kept abreast of the men’s side of things only because I was listening, as I do every year, to the wonderful Wimbledon Radio Channel - a fantastically fun broadcast that covers everything going on every day with a rotating set of presenters, guests, experts and commentators. Otherwise, I would only have focused on the women’s game, which itself was full of intrigue.

From Emma Raducanu playing well but dropping out early, to the end of Iga Światek’s lengthy match-winning streak, to a final between two potential brand new champions. I can’t say my favoured player won but it’s always fun to see someone new lift the trophies.

We had good weather, there was the new official play on Middle Sunday to contend with (seemed to work fine except everyone kept saying they were into the second week, even though they actually only made it to Sunday), and lots of matches to watch.

My only complaint, is that the BBC offering was a disappointment. They had everything covered, all the matches from all the channels, so this sounds really picky and bitter to be annoyed. But in favouring the women’s games, I didn’t want to sit through everything on a particular court, I wanted to jump straight to specific players. The only way to tell who was on where and when was to dive into the Order of Play and cross reference with the live scores and results, which meant already knowing the scores and potentially winners.

This is all because we’ve been totally spoiled by Amazon Prime’s setup, where you can pick a tournament and within you have each game separated out and labelled with who’s playing, so you can just pick and choose, prioritise, and watch without knowing the end result before you start. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Or maybe it is, I don’t know, maybe I’ve just got too used to the Amazon way. But it shouldn’t be the case that it was a relief to go back to the WTA’s 250 events after such a fab week of Wimbledon, should it?

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