It's like you were there

Published July 17, 2022

From the point of view of someone at a gig, holding up their phone to capture the artist on stage, with a purple filter on top

I saw this clip on YouTube recently of Olivia Rodrigo on tour in London, bringing out Natalie Imbruglia to sing the Australian’s big hit Torn. It’s fun and frothy and, of course, an excellent song. Unfortunately, the video isn’t available to embed but it’s worth going over to YouTube to watch it for the frankly incredible quality.

For me, this answers the question of why people would want to be filming something at a gig when they could be living in the moment. I’ve never really understood that argument but why wouldn’t you want to share this moment with people? Instead of just a couple of thousand people seeing it in the moment, those of us who are staying at home as much as possible can also get a glimpse of the joy.

For the artist, it’s a great marketing tool - I really want to see Olivia in action now! - and for the people who were at the gig, they can relive the moment over and over as many times as they want. I still look at my Backstreet Boys videos, believe me!

I love how Olivia is leaning in to the TayTay model of bringing out brilliant surprise guests at a moment’s notice, and also very impressed with the choices I’ve seen so far. Keep it up!

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