Trying - Season 1, Episode 2 quotes

Published July 2, 2022

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Doing the research:

Jason: I thought this was just supposed to be an initial registration form.

Nikki: Yea, but there’s space for additional info, so I thought I’d just really sell us. Everyone exaggerates, it’s like a CV.

Jason: [reading] “I have a keen interest in the economics of green energy.”

Nikki: What? I do.

Jason: Really?

Nikki: I read a book about it.

Jason: Which one?

Nikki: Okay, an article. Alright, fine, a tweet.

Trying too hard:

Nikki: Oh, we should donate to a charity. Then we can say we donated to a charity.

Jason: Which one?

Nikki: Maybe a children’s one? Or is that a bit too obvious?

Jason: What about animals?

Nikki: Oh god no, only awful people donate to animal charities.

Jason: Help the Aged?

Nikki: Oh yea, I like that. That says we’re good people but not in a ‘look at me’ kind of way. But don’t give too much that it looks suspicious. Like we’ve been bad to an old person and now we feel guilty.

This is 100% me:

Jason: Now, I want you to breathe. I think that you need to get stronger emotionally.

Nikki: What? I am strong, I am really strong.

Jason: The last year’s taken its toll, hasn’t it? I just think you need to build up a little bit more resilience.

Nikki: You don’t think I’m resilient?

Jason: Well, last week you cried because you saw a duck on its own in a pond.

In the restaurant:

Nikki: Oh god, I can’t eat all of those.

Karen: Well I’ll have yours.

Nikki: No, it’s okay, I will. I’m a woman, I just have to say that when food arrives.

Life advice:

Nikki: And by the way, you can’t juggle work and a social life. That’s two things. That’s the same number of things as hands. That’s not juggling, that’s just holding things in your hands.

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