The lovable personal healthcare robot companion

Published July 9, 2022

A still from the TV show Baymax, featuring main character Baymax, an inflatable robot, waving a greeting at a lady in a hat

This is just a short note to say, if you have access to Disney+, you absolutely have to watch Baymax! - the new spin-off show featuring the inflatable companion from the movie Big Hero 6. I don’t actually remember a huge amount about that movie, other than how adorable this giant cuddly robot was, so I was super happy to see the lovable giant got its own TV show.

There are just six ten-minute episodes to whip through, each featuring Baymax helping out a different friend, initially to aid with their medical needs, but ultimately helping them out in a bigger sense as well. The episode with Kiko being nervous about going to the swimming pool is excellent, but narrowly beaten as the best by the episode with Sophia, where he helps her come to terms with getting her first period and what that means for growing up.

Anything that helps restore your faith in humanity and the benefits of just being kind is welcome in this current world, and taking sixty minutes out of your life to bosh through these episodes will do just that.

Go and watch it now!

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