Trying - Season 1, Episode 3 quotes

Published July 9, 2022

An illustration of a park with city in the background, and the text ‘Trying - Season 1 Quotes’

Picnic in the park:

Nikki: Let’s see what we’ve got then. Crisps?

Jason: Yep.

Nikki: And 7Up?

Jason: Lovely.

Nikki: It’s a support group, not a sleepover.

Specialist subject:

Nikki: Oh god, we’re competing against the cream here, Jase.

Jason: Yea, maybe we should just move to a shittier borough, hey?

Nikki: Yea, maybe. I mean, that Ben man talked to me about American politics for 30 minutes. I couldn’t talk about any politics for 30 minutes. Well, not unless I talked really, really slowly.

Different approaches:

Jen: Sort of think it can’t be that hard if Madonna did it. Nikki: No, I don’t think she went through the council. She sort of went direct.

All you need to know about baby books:

Erica: Don’t worry too much about reading all of these. It’s 80% making sure you’ve got wet wipes.

New experiences:

Nikki: I booked us tickets to a lecture.

Jason: On purpose?


Jason: How long is it?

Nikki: It’s about, I don’t know, 400 pages.

Jason: No, I mean the lecture.

Nikki: It’s one hour. Then another hour.

Jason: Mate.

Nikki: It’s just twenty minutes after that.

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