World Gin Day

Published June 11, 2022

Two glasses of gin with ice cubes and sprigs of thyme

I’ve been meaning to write about my growing gin obsession for a while now but realising it’s World Gin Day today kicked me into gear. I always liked the odd gin here and there but recently it’s become my tipple of choice. Partly that’s because I wasn’t enjoying the hangovers that wine left me with, whilst gin doesn’t have the same effect, and partly it’s because the word got out that I liked gin so that was often a gift I got, and the more I got, the more I liked it. Hooray!

There are also three specific gin discoveries that need a mention.

First: James May. Or James Gin as it’s called. I remember seeing a video a while back where James was working with an expert on potential flavours for his gin and went the Asian Parsnip route. It resulted in this lovely bottle of James Gin.

This would be about the right time for me to admit I don’t necessarily get all the flavours and notes of gin, the same way that I was never a wine connoisseur, but I like the no-nonsense approach. A simple bottle, a boxy label, and marketing messages that say things like ‘buy it, or don’t, whatever you want.’

Next: Ryan Reynolds. It’s trendy now for a celebrity to get their own alcohol on the marketing, but the thing about Reynold’s Aviation Gin is that the marketing cannot be ignored. Ryan appears in adverts for quite a few of the companies he owns (Mint Mobile also springs to mind), but does it in a way that it’s not irritating which is quite a skill. And the gin ones are brilliant, celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, any appropriate day in hilarious fashion.

Last, but really by no means least: Craft Gin Club. A subscription box that includes gin, tonic, cocktail mixes and recipes, a few snacks and a magazine. The last two items are less interesting to me, but trying out the different recipes and flavours and getting the surprise of what’s in the box every delivery is brilliant.

It’s good value for money and I always love a bit of inspiration to get you out of eating or drinking the same old, same old. I worried about the zero-waste approach here but aside from a bit of plastic packaging to protect the gin bottles, most is wrapped in paper or recyclable materials. Not perfect, but not the worst by any stretch.

And so, let’s raise a glass to World Gin Day, throw in some ice cubes and a twizzle of lime, and we’re good to go!

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