That Obi-Wan Kenobi one

Published June 24, 2022

Two light sabers - red and blue - crashing together with sparks flying

The excitement and hype for this six-part Star Wars story featuring everyone’s favourite Jedi (except Yoda, and baby Yoda, and maybe Ahsoka too), was incredible. I was right there. I wanted to know what Obi-Wan had been up to in the time between the prequels and the original movies, and the trailers only served to make it an unmissable event.

And I loved it! Hooray, they didn’t ruin anything! But also, I’m not totally sure they added anything either. It certainly wasn’t a perfect series and the constraints upon it just from it’s placement in the storyline meant the jeopardy was limited. You always know that both Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan and Darth are all going to be okay and get through to the end… so…

But there was lots to like and here are five things from me:

  1. Ewan McGregor. This guy is just adorable and it’s so clear how much he loves the character and how much he wanted to re-inhabit this world and tell more of the story. And he did such a great job at evolving through the series - from being totally shut down and going through the motions at the start to gradually opening up and remembering his strength along with dealing with those terrible memories as well. Loved it.
  2. Leia. What an incredible character. I mean, obviously she always has been but even now as a little one, so spiky and intelligent and brave and fierce and stubborn… and nice to droids. Fantastic.
  3. Moses Ingram. I loved seeing the Inquisitors in live action and Third Sister was brilliant. The revelations of her history were great, although I’m not sure the motivation for her actions was clear all the way through. But what a great job Ingram did with the rage that fuelled her character from the start.
  4. Additional friends: Tala and Roken were both brilliant additions to the canon, and it was so nice to delve into the early days of the resistance, those that helped the fugitive Jedi wherever they could.
  5. Old friends. The cameo appearances in the final episode really set off what was a series that really did pay a lot of attention to delivering nostalgia to fans whilst also telling its own story.

I’ve not mentioned Hayden Christensen’s return as Darth Vader because although it was fantastic, it was also a bit weird. I loved seeing Ewan coming to terms with the truth of the situation, but the pair of them faced off twice and neither time it was particularly satisfactory. Obi-Wan left Anakin for dead in Episode III, subject to a horrible death, in fact, and believed that it had come to pass. I can see that he would be reluctant second time round, but in the final showdown, when he realises that his friend is truly gone… what stops him finishing him off?

The answer is three more Star Wars movies, obviously, but that’s the only bit that I felt let the show down. Otherwise, we ended up with Obi-Wan back on Tattooine but ready to head off on more adventures and if that means there’s more series coming… I’m here for it.

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