Taking flight

Published June 4, 2022

The Flight Attendant poster featuring Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden

I just finished watching the second series of The Flight Attendant, HBO’s dark comedy crime mystery show starring and executive produced by Kaley Cuoco. It was brilliant, potentially even better than the first series. 2020’s initial outing followed the adventures of Kaley’s character Cassie as she, a flight attendant on a fictional airline, woke up in a hotel bed in Bangkok next to a dead body. Gradually the mystery unfolded and following the twists and turns was exceptional.

This time round, Cassie is working undercover as a civilian CIA asset and gets herself tangled up in another mystery that puts herself and her friends in danger. There was quite a lot less flight attending in this second series, and quite a lot more running around trying to figure things out, but that didn’t deter from what was another great season of mystery and thrill.

On the one hand, having navigated out of the initial series’ premise and expanded to a wider story arc, it feels like there could be plenty more adventures for Cassie in the future. On the other hand, in that last episode, she mentioned that Annie and Max, her friends, were setting up a private investigation business and that just screams SPIN OFF to me. I want it, I want that spin off in my life.

Annie is an incredible character. Confident and cocky, a lawyer, sarcastic, witty, loyal, but also filled with crippling self-doubt and questioning all her life choices. Team that up with a super whiz hacker who has a slightly more normal take on relationships but is willing to put up with Annie’s quirks because he knows they make a great team. Watching these two investigate things would make for a great series and I’ll write a strongly worded letter to whoever I need to to make this happen.

Meanwhile, the wait is on to see whether the Flight Attendant gets renewed for a third season or not… and if it does, whether there will be any actual flight attending going on when it arrives.

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