Trying - Season 1, Episode 1 quotes

Published June 25, 2022

The third series of Apple TV+’s comedy series Trying starts next month and I am so excited for it. I watched the show as it aired, and loved it, and then recently rewatched it again to prepare for the new arrival. And now, if you want me to be really honest, I’m watching it again to pull out the best quotes from the show because it’s just that good.

On paper, it probably shouldn’t appeal to me: a couple desperately want to have a child and are going through the rigorous adoption process to achieve their goal. I’m not really into the whole kids thing. But the relationships on this show are brilliant, perfect, hilarious, warm and wonderful. Nikki and Jason’s relationship and understanding of each other is the closest thing I’ve ever seen on screen to my own partnership.

The best bits of this show need to be preserved for future reference.

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Coming to terms with the situation:

Jason: So what do we do now?

Nikki: A small piece of us dies and we just carry on with whatever’s left.

Jason: Alright. Well, as long as we’ve got a plan.

Polite conversation:

Nikki: And also, no one mentions the bad stuff. Not one person today talked about postnatal depression. I mean, god forbid that we blow the whole patriarchal conspiracy wide open.

Jason: Do you think it’s maybe because you might bum people out if you start speaking about postnatal depression at a baby shower?

Long term relationships:

Nikki: Do you still enjoy having sex with me?

Jason: Absolutely yes.

Nikki: As much as you used to.

Jason: …yes.

Nikki: Wow, another pause.

Jason: I’ve seen the film before, so I’m not on the edge of my seat the way I was the first time. But it’s still literally my favourite film of all time.

Two approaches:

Jason: It’s going to be fine. We’re taking things slowly and we’re not rushing into anything.

[Cut to Nikki buying all the baby things.]

Nikki: Okay, I know that this looks crazy but I think if I just acknowledge that, then it’s not. Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.

How to talk to kids:

Nikki: [to a five/six-year-old] How are things with you? Just, like, generally? Are you well in yourself?

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