Taking good notes

Published June 26, 2022

A notebook of white paper and a pencil on a block desk

I know I’m super late to the party here, but do people know how brilliant GoodNotes is? I’d tried it before, a long time ago, but it didn’t really register. This time, it came back to me as I was looking into bullet journals and other note-taking. There’s a whole eco-system out there of people designing and selling pdfs and downloads of organisational pages - recipe trackers, to do list pages, cleaning lists, habit trackers, pantry inventories, they’re all out there.

That led me to GoodNotes and suddenly I realised just how versatile the whole thing is. I designed my own tracker to keep a track of weights progress in certain workouts, and I imported the draws of recent tennis tournaments to be able to note the results via Apple Pencil rather than printing it all out on paper.

Now I’m already daydreaming of other things I can do with it. Getting organised with what’s going in the garden has to be next and although I tried to keep a paper notebook, it ended up just being a scrappy to do list. The more that goes into the garden, the more there is to keep track of - seed packets, what works, what doesn’t, what needs more attention, what on earth I’m going to do next year when I’ve not got the book telling me what to do.

More than anything, GoodNotes makes note-taking fun, and that’s the best thing about it.

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