In search of Agent Coulson

Published April 23, 2022

A circle of superhero gloves fists pointing to the centre

Ten days of comics later, and I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to be reading all the Marvel comics that have ever been published. I like the idea of it, of course, but by day twenty I felt like the vast array of comics available was starting to get a bit wearing. I quite like browsing the covers and revelling in all the creativity that has gone into these issues - but picking what I actually want to read has been a challenge.

One thing that has annoyed me is the Marvel Unlimited app pushing the Moon Knight comics, to tie in with the current TV series. Obviously, that makes sense from a marketing point of view, but I don’t understand how I could read comics that most likely have different origin stories and activities than what is happening on screen, that would just get completely confusing.

Here is what I have read for the second set of ten days:

  • Day 11 - Scarlet Witch (2015-2017), 3 issues.
  • Day 12 - The Amazing Spider-Man (2018-Present), 1 issue. Scarlet Witch (2015-2017), 1 issue.
  • Day 13 - Scarlet Witch (2015-2017), 2 issues.
  • Day 14 - Scarlet Witch (2015-2017), 3 issues.
  • Day 15 - Scarlet Witch (2015-2017), 2 issues. Ms Marvel (2014-2015), 2 issues.
  • Day 16 - Ms Marvel (2015-2015), 2 issues.
  • Day 17 - The Amazing Spider-Man (2018-Present), 1 issue. Iron-Man: I Am Iron-Man! (2010), 1 issue.
  • Day 18 - Iron-Man: I Am Iron-Man! (2010), 1 issue. The Amazing Spider-Man (2018-Present), 1 issue.
  • Day 19 - The Amazing Spider-Man (2018-Present), 1 issue. Shang-Chi (2021-Present), 1 issue.
  • Day 20 - Marvel Mystery Comics (1939-1949), 1 issue.

I finished up Scarlet Witch, and I quite enjoyed that one, and Ms Marvel was good, but I was feeling a bit out of my depth. So I decided I wanted to a) read something with Agent Coulson in and b) read something that was at least a little bit familiar. That’s how I ended up reading the two-part Iron Man tie-in that was basically a comic book version of the movie. I really loved that!

So that got me thinking that maybe what I need is to focus on comics that do actually tell the story of the characters I know, and that made me think it would be worth dedicating the final ten days to the Star Wars comics that are also available via the Marvel subscription. I won’t find Agent Coulson in there, but there might be some droids that I’m looking for.

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