Good weather gardening

Published April 24, 2022

An illusration of a vegetable garden with above ground veg to the left and below ground veg to the right

One of my favourite things about this year so far was getting to early spring and realising the desire to get back to my vegetable garden was back. Last year, I gave it a go but chucked it all in as a bad job after a disappointing haul of carrots. In my offline diary, I specifically wrote “and that might be the gardening over with. Bored of it now.”

It’s amazing how much some time off and a fresh perspective helps. Now that I’m more and more focused on where things come from and what they are wrapped in, the veg garden seems even more enticing than ever before. That’s not to say I’m any better at it, and I’m certainly not relying on the veg from there to stock the cupboards, but every little helps right?

Having started at the right time of year (for a change), I’ve gone back to Huw Richard’s Veg in One Bed to follow the month-by-month instructions at the right time. So far, the only harvest has been some delicious pea shoots, but there are things in the ground that are definitely growing, and some exciting projects still to come.

The additional benefits to this revived garden obsession are spending time outside in the fresh air where I might otherwise have been sat in front of a screen (the project to tidy up my website archives has really slowed though…), and the meditative act of weeding, particularly in the sunshine, can help my mental health on a tough day.

I love that you can grow things in even the smallest areas but I do have a bit of garden accessible to me, so now I’m all about the harvestables. Watch this space!

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