Strictly Come Dancing 2021, Week 11 thoughts

Published December 6, 2021

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

We were greeted with two group dances by the professional this week, one at the start of each day’s show, but I much preferred the first one. Oti and Graziano portrayed a great story, I love it when the dance is completely mesmorising and even more so when the leads hug at the end.

Good to see all the judges back in action, a full house of our favourites, but just five couples to take to the floor!

John & Johannes - Salsa

“I don’t know why I keep crying,” John says. Same, babes. I’m sure they re-used Kelvin’s blue shirt here, and maybe also his hips? It was great, impressive lifts, great joyous feeling, right up until the last minute when it all went a bit wonky. Cute Johannes being mortified and apologetic at the end. Glad everyone found it funny though, rather than being grumpy about it.

Rhys & Nancy - Argentine Tango

The training footage looked intense. I couldn’t see how the song was going to work but it really did, so atmospheric, so moving. A really strong performance from Rhys - incredible lifts, and the intensity and control from him was unexpectedly good. If nothing else, that’s Nancy’s best dance for sure, I would have given that a 40. I like a girlfriend that says “if I’m not jealous, you’re not doing it right.”

Rose & Giovanni - American Smooth

The lifts during the VT looked absolutely terrifying which meant I went into the dance with a sense of foreboding… and couldn’t concentrate until the lift was over and done. Rose’s face after was like ‘yes, I didn’t die!’ Superb trust. I had to watch the dance a second time just to see what I’d missed and of course, it was brilliant and full of joy.

Dan & Nadiya - Tango

“It’s official, I love the tango.” Let me guess, his favourite dance so far. Not a great song, really, I mean very tango but not very catchy. It looked like there were a few wobbles and mistakes, but really very good for Dan. I couldn’t help watching his hand after he pointed it out in the VT, and not sure it was as good as he hoped.

AJ & Kai - Salsa

We know that Latin isn’t her strong point, and actually, this really didn’t work for me. She never quite looked comfortable, it seemed like she totally ran out of steam, and oof that last lift, I don’t need to pile in on that. She had a lower score than Dan, which was a surprise!

That lower score meant that AJ and Dan were the two in the dance off, thank goodness Rhys got a bit of a reprieve this week. AJ picked herself up in the dance off and undoubtedly deserves her place in the semi-final. Sad to say goodbye to Dan but what a brilliant journey he’s been on, and it was his time to go.

Semi-finals next week, the glorious end is in sight, and I can’t wait to see who gets through to the final.

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