It all starts with Acapulco

Published December 7, 2021


It may just be the corners of the internet I dwell in, but Acapulco feels like a recent Apple TV+ offering that’s been slightly overlooked by the more high profile Foundation, Invasion and films with Tom Hanks. I’m here to say, if you haven’t watched it already, you absolutely should. It follows the story of a Mexican family and how their lives intertwine with a celebrity resort in Acapulco… in the 1980s.

The concept is quite similar to How I Met Your Mother, in that our protagonist Máximo Gallardo is recounting his memories in the present day to a new generation, and we relive his not-always-entirely-reliable recollections as he starts work at his dream job at Las Colinas resort. There are dramas, romances, falling out and making up, problem guests and investors to impress and all the misunderstandings and complications that make a good comedy drama.

What I really loved about it though, was the multi-lingual aspect, Spanish and English, and the colour. It’s brashly pink, with Las Colinas hosting an impressively un-bannistered hot pink stairway in the lobby. Even in the present day Máximo prefers a garish shirt to anything more subtle. In these pretty dark winter months, it’s exactly what we need to brighten up the moment.

Plus a cast of brilliant supporting characters, including Memo (who is always getting into trouble with his lazy laundry boss), Sara (the sister who is working through feelings for her friend who may or may not be called Gabriella), and Don Pablo (who has a whole family history of his own for us to visit).

The show was bright and bold and brilliant from the start, and then as you work through the series and get invested in the characters and the stories they are sharing, it’s impossible not to love them. I really hope there’s a second series on the way, because whilst the conclusion to the ten episode first season was satisfying enough, there are plenty of mysteries still to unfold, and I want more pink!

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