Miranda is such fun and so much more

Published December 5, 2021

Miranda products

I’ve been a fan of Miranda since her sitcom first came out (2009, can you believe that?) and her unwavering dedication to joy and acceptance has been wonderful to follow.

Recently, the lovely lady tweeted about some Christmas items for sale on her shop, with an element of the price going to charity, so it seemed rude not to snap up some of the goodies.

I’ve long been searching for some comfortable jogging bottoms and should have known that if anyone knows comfort for a taller person, it would be Miranda. These are incredible.

I also picked up the 2022 diary, even though I don’t really use a diary. It looked so lovely and is stacked full of feel-good quotes and areas to be kind to yourself. I might try and use it as something like a gratitude journal, we’ll see how it goes.

Whilst browsing around Miranda’s site, I realised how the “encouraging people to happiness” that seemed to be a route to comedy and joy has actually become a driving force. There’s a page dedicated to an upcoming well-being book, with this exceptional quote:

It has become my passion to help free people to become the people they were made to be. We all have a unique purpose on this earth and we are loved in ways we cannot imagine just by being who we are…

I’ll be pre-ordering, there’s no doubt, and then reading the book from the comfort of my Such Fun jogging bottoms. Thanks Miranda!

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