How a Christmas playlist should be done Vol. 2

Published December 18, 2021

Christmas tree bauble

Four years ago (!) I published a Christmas playlist, having taken offence at some of the collections various streaming services had pulled together. Their festive mixes included party songs that really had no business being on a Christmas-related playlist, other than being good for the office get-together. They got you in an uplifted spirit but were they really true to the name? No.

Since then, it seems like Christmas has been a growing trend for everyone, more films, more TV, and definitely more songs, as I’ve had to put together a second volume of the playlist, cleverly titled: How a Christmas playlist should be done Vol. 2.

Hopefully it’s a good mix of old and new, all officially Christmas themed, and works as a great follow up to the original. And safe to say, I’ve already started work on the third volume, so see you back here in four years’ time!

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