Playing with playlists - Festive fun

Published December 17, 2017

We’ve been working on a Christmas playlist for a Sidepodcast friend, and finally have come up with the goods. As I say over there:

During the past week, I listened to Apple Music’s attempt at a Christmas playlist that had one or two classics but for the most part featured party songs, tangential festive tunes, and those slowed down advert covers that are so very popular these days.

That didn’t impress me too much, so I set about making a better playlist, published on Apple Music and fabulously called: How a Christmas playlist should be done.

What I tried to learn this time was more about how songs blend into each other, that there should be a flow from one to the other rather than just throwing songs in any old way. I’m so glad to be discovering the joy of playlists now rather than the days of mixtapes - so much effort must have gone into making a good mixtape that I don’t think I would have had the patience. Dragging and dropping songs wins over re-recording your tape over and over.

Still, I’m learning and loving the playlist process so more to come on that front, but for now, enjoy the festivities!

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