Strictly Come Dancing 2021, Week 12 thoughts

Published December 13, 2021

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

Semi-finals!! Somehow it feels like it’s come round really quickly but at the same time, when you watch the opening credits featuring all the participants of 2021, some of them seem like such a long time ago! I really think this is one of the closest competitions we’ve had in a long time, every one of the semi finalists has topped the leaderboard, so how can we possibly predict? Anything can happen.

Rhys & Nancy - Tango

Dancing to Queen is a good way to get to my heart, and what a way to start the show. Amazing. The bit on his own was brave, I’m not sure I was totally into his legs, it felt like there were some balance issues? But the judges were totally positive, Craig didn’t have a single bad thing to say.

AJ & Kai - Quickstep

Not a fan of the dress AJ was wearing, nicely designed obviously, but all the puffy bits were in all the wrong places for me to be able to concentrate. The dance looked good, maybe a little too bouncy for my tastes - if there can be such a thing with the Quickstep. Somehow this is their first 40!

John & Johannes - Couple’s Choice

Emotional VT, there were tears before we’ve even started. I’d say it wasn’t technically perfect and I don’t know that I liked all the choreography, but it was super emotional and engaging. The upside down walking lift right at the end was incredible. “I know there are people resonating with that dance right now and that’s all that matters.”

Rose & Giovanni - Waltz

As always, I’m not a huge fan of the waltz, but I am a huge fan of these two and they seemed to do a good job. The judges liked it, so much so, Motsi wants a new scoring system that includes 10 + Crown.

Rhys & Nancy - Samba

The syncopated drum beat in the middle of this must have been so hard to stay in time to, the samba is hard enough as it is. Rhys looked really good, at times I thought he was doing a better job than Nancy! I don’t think the song helped him but Shirley was loving it, a little over excited!

AJ & Kai - Rumba

What a song. Everyone bangs on about their chemistry and I’m just not seeing it. I thought she lifted a foot off the floor but I haven’t heard Craig moaning about that for a long time. Not quite perfect 40 but presumably safe for the final now.

John & Johannes - Jive

Sparkly and shiny and good. Not sure the song fitted a jive really, but it was cute and energetic. I just think Johannes slightly out-performed him in terms of character, but they do look like two pros at this point.

Rose & Giovanni - Argentine Tango

Some incredible legwork and lifts in there, not sure if the passion was 100% but love a good Argentine Tango and this was a great one. Anton said “so serene and calm”, that’s why their dancing is always described as beautiful. Also, as a side note, jealous of Gio’s eye make up.

It really couldn’t have been closer, and having seen the dances it makes sense that John and Rhys were in the bottom two this week. Sadly we say goodbye to Rhys, but considering how many times he’s been in the dance off, it’s so brilliant that he got this far. I’m rooting for two out of the three final contestants, and so it’s going to be a really interesting final next week. As I mentioned before, what on earth are this lot going to bring out in their Showdances as they’ve all had spectacular couple’s choices! Not long until we find out!

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