Finding the right shot

Published November 21, 2021

Disney+ on a phone

Recently, I watched Shang-Chi, the latest Marvel movie, and it was really good but I couldn’t have predicted the road it would lead me down. After watching the movie, I dug into the behind the scenes documentary that also popped up on Disney+ at the same time. It was a great look at how the movie came together, the thoughts behind updating the character and bringing some legendary martial arts into the Marvel world.

Halfway through the show, they mentioned that the character of Trevor had appeared in a Marvel One-Shot, something I had vaguely heard of but completely forgotten about. The One Shots are a series of five bonus shorts that featured on various DVD/Blu-Ray extra features across the first two phases of the Infinity Saga, and I realised that to have fully realise my Marvel expert status following the big lockdown rewatch, I’d need to watch these as well. Next step, finding them.

  1. The Consultant (Thor blu-ray)
  2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer (Captain America: The First Avenger blu-ray)
  3. Item 47 (The Avengers blu-ray)
  4. Agent Carter (Iron Man 3 blu-ray)
  5. All Hail the King (Thor: The Dark World blu-ray)

The obvious first place to look was on Disney+, which naturally has all the Marvel movies and some of the bonus features as well. All Hail the King actually turned up in the search as a standalone short, so that was easy. However, the only other one to appear in the Extras was The Consultant. Two down, where to look next?

Well, if they were bonus features on the physical media, they might have appeared on the iTunes films that we purchased at the time. That ticked off Item 47 and Agent Carter. Yes! One more to go but it wasn’t anywhere obvious. A lot of internet searching later revealed someone had uploaded it to Vimeo. So! It took a while to track them all down, and then I wanted to watch them in order, so it meant dipping in and out of all the different platforms and remembering what was where.

  1. The Consultant (Disney+ movie extras)
  2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer (User upload on Vimeo)
  3. Item 47 (The Avengers iTunes extras)
  4. Agent Carter (Iron Man 3 iTunes extras)
  5. All Hail the King (Disney+ standalone)

Thank goodness we have Disney+ now where you can get everything all in one place, right? A little consistency Disney, please!

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