Throwing down the gauntlet

Published June 27, 2021

Thanos’ gauntlet

If you’ve read any of my Film Watch posts for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll have noticed a trend towards the end of the first three phases that goes something like: ‘I think this is a good film but I’ve totally lost the plot and don’t know what’s going on. I’ll have to go back and rewatch the movies and do some homework.’

Well, with the bonus of ever-extending lockdowns, I’ve actually managed to do it! I set about rewatching the Marvel movies all the way from Iron Man through the latest Spider-Man, and not just watching with my eyes but making notes at the same time. At first the notes were supposed to just be people and places, to try and keep track of who exists, the crossovers and the locations. It ended up a bit more extensive than that, but oof, it’s helpful.

When WandaVision kicked off on Disney+, they simultaneously launched a show called Legends that gave very brief updates on who the characters were and what they’d been through. For Wanda and Vision, these were absolutely required. By the time we got to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I was halfway through and had some knowledge. For Loki and (randomly) the Tesseract, I was finished with my rewatch and totally clued up. It feels amazing.

Where previously I felt removed from the movie franchise, and was watching with enjoyment but no real passion, now I feel completely engaged and want to know everything and more. There’s plenty I’ve missed, I’m sure, but having finally done that homework I kept promising myself I would do, now I can really dig in to the details.

It’s definitely true in this instance that you get out what you put in, I just hadn’t anticipated a franchise needing quite so much effort from my side. I’m glad to have done it though. Ask me anything and I can at least give it a go instead of shrugging!

The only problem is that now, of course, I have to move on to the TV shows. Some of the shows are more relevant to the wider Cinematic Universe than the others, and some I’ve seen before (Agents of Shield, and all the new Disney+ stuff) but there’s plenty I’ve not really scratched the surface of, and am looking forward to doing more.

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