Strictly Come Dancing 2021, Week 8 thoughts

Published November 16, 2021

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

Just your regularly scheduled week this time, with plenty of excitement building up to musicals week next time out. My only thought from the intro sequence is to pity the colour balancing people, Motsi’s dress was something else entirely.

On with the show, predictions this week have to return to Dan, unfortunately, and perhaps Tilly following last week. Talking of which, Tilly opened the show!

Tilly & Nikita - Quickstep

Nice concept, I thought the dance was a bit kicky, and I was really concerned that she was going to trip over her own or Nikita’s feet, which suggests it wasn’t as smooth as you might like. Good personality in it, though, almost like a Charleston. The judges liked it but they’re starting to get really picky now… and only medium scores for this one.

AJ & Kai - Paso Doble

I loved AJ’s mum’s reaction when they said they were doing the Paso Doble: a nervous grimace. And rightly so. Although AJ looked like she was putting a lot of effort in, it didn’t flow as well as I’d hoped. Some mishaps knocked her off her stride a bit, and unfortunately with AJ, expectations are really high. Still think a 6 from Craig is harsh, though.

Dan & Nadiya - American Smooth

Dan called up previous Strictly contestants in his opening VT, and I think he really listened to their advice. It was a good, old school, smooth dance. Lots of lifts and they went well, although the one big lift at the end was slightly awkward but very good. Loved Nadiya saying that’s the highest she’s ever been, as he’s so tall. Craig gave it a 4, and Anton a 9, which is surely in the running for the biggest delta between scores? Nikita’s shocked face will be a meme in no time.

Rhys & Nancy - Charleston

I think we all knew this dance would be right up Rhys’s street, requiring energy and that goofiness that is a necessity for a CBBC presenter. He did a great job. If I’m honest, something about his legs didn’t look quite right to me, but you cannot fault the speed, the stamina, the content. Shirley loved it so much she said the choreography was ex-stounding. A perfect 40!

Sara & Aljaž - Argentine Tango

It was good to hear Sara sharing the downside to the training - having to stretch and roller after each session - and interesting on the specifics for this particular dance. It was an entertaining dance, but I was not enjoying the version of the song, and by the end I thought Sara’s face looked more grumpy than intense. As Anton has said before, not her best, not her worst.

John & Johannes - Samba

This was really, really good. Against any other person, pro or celeb, John would have looked incredible, like the professional, but unfortunately he was doing this dance with Johannes who has hips to die for. Nevertheless, it was brilliant, even a bit of limbo at the end. Highest scoring samba of the series so far.

Tom & Amy - Viennese Waltz

In the training footage, Tom admitted he didn’t think he was very good at the dance - I think you’ll find we get to be the judge of that! Great dress, amazing song, it did look like Tom was trying to keep up in places, but overall a good job. Sneak peek of Kara Tointon in the audience too! Anton called this one ’nice’ which is the worst word ever for creative endeavours.

Rose & Giovanni - Couple’s Choice

I think I have yet to watch any appearance of Rose on the main weekend shows or It Takes Two without being reduced to tears in some capacity, and the opening VT of this was no different. And then the dance happened, and it broke everyone!

Genuinely don’t have adequate words to describe it. Motsi did the best job: “Sometimes it’s more than just scores and dancing, sometimes it’s just the moment.”

It’s no wonder they left Rose’s dance to the end of the show because you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to follow that. Claudia did her vote for them spiel by saying ‘if it was your favourite dance…’ IF??

The bottom two this week featured Tilly and Sara - I feel bad for Tilly, because it’s not nice to be a repeated visitor to the bottom two, but then I did predict her up top, so also feel partly responsible. However, it was the end of Sara’s road this time, which doesn’t quite make sense given the scoring and comments today, but we’ll go with it. Plenty of emotions seeing those two going out, but the competition continues. Musicals next and I can’t wait to see what the couple’s bring to the party.

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