Give it a try

Published July 3, 2021


The second series of Apple TV+ series Trying came to an end yesterday, bringing to a close an emotional but fantastic series that has already been renewed for a third. I don’t know why I didn’t write about this series after the first series, but now eight further episodes on, I think the second series has outclassed the first outing anyway, so now seems like a better time to give it a review.

On paper, this is a TV show that I shouldn’t have a lot of interest in. It’s very London-centric and focuses on a young couple that are ready to start a family but find they are unable to have kids of their own and need to find an alternative route. The first series followed them looking for approval to become adoptive parents, and the second series moved on to their wait for a child of their own.

I really don’t have a lot of interest in trying to have kids and can’t relate to that desperate need to start a family like that, but with this show, it doesn’t matter. It’s so funny, and so good. Although the central subject is around having a child one way or another, there’s so much more to it. Most of the laughter comes from observational comedy about relationships, the intricate details that hit so close to home, the differences between two partners but how they can work together to overcome them and create a happy home. Nikki and Jason are just a wonderful couple to spend time with, and although they have their ups and downs, they have a lovely relationship.

The secondary characters seemed to get a bit more airtime in the second series and that added to the enjoyment, and fleshed out this great world that our favourite couple live in. One of the amazing things about the series is that it somehow makes you root for every character, even the ones that are being dislikable - the wayward husband who leaves his family for a younger model and ends up regretting it, the stubborn father who doesn’t want to change and can’t deal with the fact his wife does… in the end, you just want everyone to be happy.

I can’t wait to see what the third series throws at them - we ended with a relatively happy scene, but there’s still plenty that could go wrong, so I await the return of Nikki and Jason with interest!

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