Simone vs the machines

Published May 23, 2021

To celebrate their 100th anniversary (there’s a lot of great history there that’s probably for another time), Kotex have launched a global She Can Initiative to support and promote menstrual cycle hygiene and education - getting rid of that never-ending stigma about the cycle that half the population live with for a good portion of their lives.

As part of the intiative, they’ve launched a series of videos with inventor Simone Giertz to help visualise various areas of the menstrual cycle by the art of machine.

There are two videos so far and in both of them, the machines don’t really work as expected, which is both amusing but also goes to show just how complicated this process is.

Five top bits from this first video:

  • It’s the only organ in the body that has an agenda.
  • My solution is always to build a machine.
  • Pinball egg release.
  • This is a big reason why we’re all alive. Does it get credit for that though?
  • This system is a masterpiece.

It is a masterpiece, and should be acknowledged as such. I’ve not been good about talking about it in the past, because of that societal vow of silence, but I aim to do better.

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