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Published January 10, 2021

I can’t believe I didn’t write anything after watching the first series of Staged in summer of last year. David Tennant and Michael Sheen bantering for 6 x 20 minute episodes. It was one of the bright spots of culture that came out of the specific circumstances of lockdown. Despite it being an epic piece of work, I suppose no one really wanted a second series as it meant life hadn’t got back to normal. But here we are, lockdown three is in full effect and the second series of Staged has brightened up a terrible January.


And genuinely, it is a wonderful series, extended to eight episodes and with guest stars scattered throughout. It’s the core cast that make it work though. This time, the premise is slightly different, with the idea that the first series was a piece of fiction and now the real people are dealing with a potential US remake of the show. Except they’re still being caricatures of themselves and still being completely eccentric and loveable.

Sheen and Tennant’s love/hate friendship is amazing, but I have to admit that Georgia Tennant stole the show for me this time. Her stoic tolerance alongside affection and encouragement, mm, it’s like a warm hug.

Of all the wonderful surprises throughout the show, the pop up appearances, the incredible riffing off each other, the outlandish moments and quiet reflections - this was my favourite scene.

Georgia: Can you move this suitcase?

David: Yea, yea, yea, absolutely.

G: Because I don’t think the hallway should be used as an obstacle course.

D: I’ve just been feeding the goldfish. We never got another one.

G: No, you didn’t.

D: We had two and now we’ve got one.

G: Agreed.

D: That’s how death works.

G: And maths.

D: I’m worried that the one that’s left behind is getting a wee bit depressed.

G: Oh, I don’t have time for this.

She’s asked him to do something, and he’s not really listening. He uses ‘we’ and she’s very much ‘you’. And just the ‘I don’t have time for this’. So lovely. Because then she does go on to get sucked in to the conversation because deep down, despite all the chores and family stuff that falls on her, she’ll make time for him.

I finished watching this a day or two ago and already I’m wondering how long is acceptable before pressing play again.

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