Five thoughts on WandaVision

Published January 16, 2021


The first two episodes of WandaVision appeared on Disney+ this week and I very quickly devoured them both. I wasn’t expecting to be as interested as I was, thought maybe I’d check it out when I had the time, but all the hype surrounding it completely sucked me in. Here are five immediate thoughts about the show:

  1. In navigating the menus to get to the show, Disney+ recommended their new Marvel Legends series and I’m so glad I watched this first. It introduces a bit of backstory to the characters that are appearing in their new line up of TV shows, so at the moment just two episodes of about eight minutes each featuring Wanda and then Vision. It was super useful. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I can’t keep up with the Marvel Universe even when I’m in the middle of the movies, so a quick reminder of their history made all the difference.

  2. Like I said, I wasn’t counting down the days to this show particularly. Wanda and Vision had never really grabbed me and until I watched the Legends montages I’d actually forgotten quite how much impact they’ve had on the stories. But actually they really stand their ground and hold their own. I sort of don’t buy them as a couple but that’s okay in this universe because ye olde sitcom acting wasn’t always about being believable, it was about getting the jokes across.

  3. It’s so great that it’s a different kind of show. You can just imagine, particularly with the number of Marvel series that are in the pipeline, that we’re in for a lot of special effects and action. Although this is another thing where I can’t quite imagine the pitch meeting, I love that it got signed off. Firstly, it’s incredibly well done but aside from that, it’s intriguing and has got people talking and thinking.

  4. Mr C called the show a mind trip which is a fair review. It’s quite difficult to fully engage in shows that are more out there than others, raising question after question without answering. In a standard whodunit type scenario, you know you’ll get an answer one way or another, even if you don’t like it. But in a sci-fi universe where anything can happen, who knows if it will all be explained? LOST has really burned our trust in TV.

  5. There’s something wonderful about certain aspects of the 1950s/60s. One of my favourite episodes of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel is when they holiday in the Catskills resort and do all these old-time things. Such an evolving time for women too. I’ve literally just read a review that explains the first episode was in the 50s and the second in the 60s, so obviously we’re progressing through time and the twee-ness won’t last, but I’ve enjoyed the cuteness alongside the curiosity.

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