Happy new year 2021

Published January 1, 2021

Happy new year

Normally at this point, I write a post setting up some goals for the coming year. Like many people, I’m certain that setting new year’s resolutions is NOT the thing to do for 2021. I can’t even bring myself to look at my 2020 post to see the things I wanted to achieve that absolutely didn’t happen.

2020 was an unpredictable and unprecedented year that is best put behind us and even though setting specific goals isn’t the way forward, it’s still worth looking, thinking and hoping that the next twelve months will be better. I was lucky in a lot of ways last year and count my blessings, but for everyone’s sake I’m hoping that 2021 will bring us all good things and life can settle just a little into whatever the new normal is going to be.

I do have vague ideas in my head of keeping up this blogging streak as long as possible, spending more time in the kitchen, and, of course, after a fully indoor Christmas I can’t help but think about improving my health and fitness. But it’s important to remember that planning is hard to do in a global pandemic, that you can’t hold yourself accountable to goals that will probably never happen, and that if we’re all being honest, getting through each day successfully is the real achievement.

Getting through it with a smile on your face is a bonus.

So here’s to 2021, and hoping that this time next year, we can all start making proper resolutions again.

Happy new year

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