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Published February 19, 2020

Little America

Little America, the anthology series on Apple TV+, came at the perfect time in our household, as we’d just finished indulging in Modern Love and were in the right head-space for the ‘different story every episode’ style.

Little America takes the formula and applies it to immigrant stories across a broad range of ages and lifestyles and all walks of life in the US. There were eight episodes and it was wonderful how the same theme shone through them all – people don’t necessarily want hand outs, to take up too much space, or even necessarily to fit in. So much nonsense is spewed about them but at the end of the day they just want the same chances as everyone else.

These were beautifully told stories, with gorgeous cinematography, and really well portrayed. There wasn’t a single bad episode in the bunch, even the one where the main character doesn’t speak until the final scene. Here’s a quick rundown of the tales told:

  • The Manager – a good place to start, with a child left to fend for themselves and the desperation to hold things together
  • The Jaguar – great insight into squash competitions, and what someone will do for a free pair of shoes
  • The Cowboy – I love the way the audio recordings were weaving in and out of reality
  • The Silence – incredible how much story can be told without speaking
  • The Baker – a hard watch because of all the doors closing in her face, but eventually… we get somewhere
  • The Grand Prize Expo Winners – yep, cruises suck but a fun twist at the end with the cameraman being the same kid
  • The Rock – the endless optimism on display here is wonderful, with the occasional wobble of course
  • The Son – brutal but those final scenes of someone realising the freedom that can exist in the world was beautiful

Bring on series two and a whole new set of challenges and characters with the courage to overcome them.

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