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Published March 7, 2020

Mythic Quest

I’m well aware that this blog has basically become an Apple TV+ review site, but everything I’ve watched on there so far has been really good quality. Okay, sometimes it doesn’t completely hit the spot (Truth Be Told) and some things just don’t look that interesting to me to even start (Servant) but what I’ve seen, I’ve liked.

This time, it’s the turn of MythicQuest: Raven’s Banquet – a workplace sitcom based in a games company that have made a hugely successful MMORPG. There are your traditional office-type situations that create their own humour but where the series really shines is its focus and attention to detail on gaming.

Firstly I was staggered at the lengths they’ve gone to creating the software – they were mo-capping some moves and it all really looked like it was happening. They had code on screen and whilst we certainly didn’t pause to read as much of it as we could (eh-hem), it looked legit. I love that.

And on top of that, you had the age-old battle between creative and corporate. The fine balance of keeping users happy alongside pushing the envelope. That ongoing debate over whether narrative is better, worse or equal billing with just being able to bash heads in with a shovel.

It’s interesting and funny and relevant. The last three episodes were exceptionally good.

However. There’s an oddity. Not a full downside but something weird. There are nine episodes and eight of them are normal sitcom episodes but right smack bang in the middle there’s an episode of Modern Love. It’s a wonderful twenty minute look at a love story between creatives, well-crafted, incredibly acted, and it just draws you in completely. But it has very little bearing on the rest of the series. There’s a tiny reference to it in the final episode and some easter egg type moments in there as well, but for the most part, it’s a standalone piece. Beautiful, but weird. Why was it in there? Why did they divert so abruptly from the normal narrative? Why did they insert a gorgeous piece of art that almost made me want to watch that show instead of the one I was watching?

And, more to the point, will season two have another one of these oddities? Mythic Quest has been renewed already, and I’m looking forward to more, but definitely wondering what form it will take.

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