A driving hazard

Published January 27, 2020


The background:

I love Peter Kay’s Car Share, I truly believe it to be one of the best TV shows of the decade. When I shared the show with Mr C, he was also on board - comedy and music aren’t too hard to argue with.

On the flip side, one thing we argue about more than we probably should is the guilt of the protagonist of Richard Marx’s song Hazard. We’ve been talking about it for more than ten years and no doubt will continue for the rest of time.

Imagine my joy, then, when YouTube surfaced this deleted scene from Car Share, where Kayleigh and John enjoy the dulcet tones of Mr Marx, and end up in a similar debate themselves.

We’ve often said these two are a close reflection of ourselves - we’ve had their debate about what counts as an album, I’ve been told off at length for liking cover versions of songs when the original is better, and now, another example joins the mix.

He’s guilty though, obviously. The debate can rage but I know I’m right.

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