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Published January 5, 2016

The fact that Peter Kay’s Car Share was brilliant and received a lot of love is probably not news to many, given that the series aired in April last year. It was something that passed Mr C by, however, and whilst I watched it over and over and grew to love it more and more, I felt protective of it in that way that means you can’t really recommend it to someone. He’d ask if it was worth watching, and I’d umm and ahh whilst secretly coveting “my precious.”

However, at Christmas, we took the plunge, and watched the first episode together. And then we watched the remaining five so that we consumed the entire series in one sitting. Now, of course, I feel bad for having kept it from him for so many months, but it was worth it to watch it together in such a fashion.

Car Share

It is so good for so many reasons, and I don’t need to convince you of that. But, because it’s recently been in my mind again, here are five of my favourite moments from the series:

  1. When Kayleigh falls over before getting in the car. “I forgot to put me feet in!”
  2. The hysterical laughter after the Lady Diana game, because that’s genuine laughter, you can tell.
  3. That Kayleigh’s favourite album is a compilation. I’ve never really understood albums, and John’s consternation at the concept reminded me of many conversations that have taken place in our house.
  4. The Brillington College advert: “Because brilliance is ALMOST our name.”
  5. The conversation about in the second episode about funerals - John’s dad’s, as well as what Kayleigh would have at hers. Flipping between funny and serious in milliseconds, it’s beautifully done.

It’s really a three-hander, this series, with the radio and the song selections playing a third character in each and every episode. The oh-so-familiar adverts, the wacky games being played, and the nostalgic music. The BBC put together one of their playlists with songs from the show, which you can listen to in Spotify, but I managed to pull one together for Apple Music as well - amazingly there was only one song I couldn’t find.

Car Share is one of those genius works of art that deserves a second series, but would be equally as good left as a standalone piece. And if they do choose that route, well, we’ll always have Forever FM to listen to.

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