Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 11 thoughts

Published December 4, 2019

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Quarter finals, musicals week, the famous five, all the ingredients for a fun show. It’s amazing how short and sweet the broadcasts are now - just an hour of dancing and we’re done. But we’re getting close to the end now, who will miss out on the semi-final spot? Here’s my thoughts throughout the show.

This is an opening. Anton and Kevin singing?? Craig? Bruno being under-utilised for a change? Too much!

Chris and Karen open proceedings. Quite like the concept of Oliver and Dodge dancing together but I’m not sure. Is it even all Foxtrot? There’s some prancing and stuff. Few mistakes. Great character, though, and he’s obviously loving it. They look happy with their scores but oof, not great for a quarter final.

Alex and Neil doing a samba. For whatever reason, the samba is filling me with dread this series. It’s usually the rhumba that does that. Neil missed his piano cue, despite being the one nodding for it. Better than I thought from Alex, but it doesn’t have quite the right party feel. You just never know what Craig is going to say.

Shirley: “I do recognise that what you danced in this hip-hoppy thingy was really quite attractive and rather lovely.”

Another low score.

Kelvin met the “real life Gaston” when actual Luke Evans showed up. This has to be a 40, surely? SO GOOD. So in character. Was Oti even there? The chandelier swing was quite scary. I can sort of see what Craig was saying, I felt like the timing of the song was weird though, rather than the dance. Shame we missed out on the 40.

Not just actual Luke Evans but also actual Michael Ball! Karim seems to have toned down his over-excitement - I figured with the jive he would really get carried away but it was excellent. Controlled. Better than Amy again. AND Eight Spins. Ridiculous. This one has to be a 40. I really like Motsi and Craig as a duo, they should fight crime.

Emma and Anton close things out, and you know what? I think this is another partnership where the celeb has outgrown the dancer. Anton just can’t keep up and legit goes out of time on a couple of occasions. Hope the judges don’t pick up on that but they should know the situation, they’re smart enough. Yay for more tens!!!!

The bottom two this week have to be Alex and Chris.

And so it was. It’s a shame that Alex misses out on the final, particularly because Chris had the edge only thanks to Shirley’s crush on him. But oh well, I suspect he won’t make the final unless something goes drastically wrong for the others.

Still got Kelvin pegged as the winner for now. Soon we’ll see!

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