Mixing it up

Published December 3, 2019

This time last year, I had seen zero music concerts. Basically my entire life. Plenty of theatre and musicals and stuff, but no musicians up on stage giving it their all.

Fast forward twelve months and I’ve wrapped up my fifth visit of the year with a similar number already scheduled for next year. Turns out I was missing out on quite a lot and I have a lot of ground to make up.

Little Mix was the fourth of the 2019 batch, and what a show they put on. I knew it was going to be good because from all their songs, there’s maybe one that I don’t like - a supremely impressive strike rate. And we know they can put on a good show. When have they ever turned up to something and a) given less than 100% and b) disappointed?

Little Mix

So it was as good as expected. Great visuals, epic sound, good moves, strong vocals, fab songs. And on top of all that there was the message as well. Everything was surrounded by a feminism umbrella - obviously some of the songs, but also some of the videos, the messages on screen, the whole vibe.

At one point, the girls buckled themselves onto a platform that floated out over two stages, singing Told You So and Secret Love Song, dedicated to their LGBTQ fans. And I totally cried, which was unexpected, but it was moving and lovely and they’re really very good.

There were only two downsides to the whole thing. First, it was full of kids, which was expected, but I came away with more germs than I arrived with. Secondly, the whole encore situation.


I’m not on board with that fake and misleading-ness for no actual good reason. Oh yes, of course this is your last song even though you haven’t done your most famous one. I will clap and cheer as though you really are going off stage for the evening and then be super excited and happy when you come back to the sing the song that everyone actually came here to see. I don’t get it.

In this instance, because Little Mix really do have many exceptional songs they could end a show on, it felt like the thing actually was over. So people started to leave. And then the music came back and the girls came back and the show came back. Everyone had to run back to their seats, except they didn’t bother, they crammed in everywhere. So where we had been standing before, taking up the space of two seats, now suddenly there were four people. Weird, unsettling, and completely unnecessary.

Sing the songs, be awesome, do the show, finish it up. That’s all I’m after. And for all but one part, that’s exactly what Little Mix delivered.

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