The credits are part of the film too

Published December 8, 2019

We watched the third movie in Netflix’s Christmas Prince franchise this week and… huh. It was an experience. I’ve obviously reviewed the film itself in the proper place but I wanted to expand upon this with a note about the fiasco that is the credits.

The normal movie credits roll, that’s fine. Cast, crew, music and location credits. Then we get to the geographic specific stuff, the dubbing and additional voice credits.

Here, we have… a word document. And then, a word document with the spellcheck red squiggly lines left in. WTF.

A Christmas Prince credits

I get that you can’t always catch all movie mistakes, but who on earth signed off on having this in the released film? I wouldn’t even send Mr C a file that still had spellcheck errors in - let alone release it to a global audience in a primetime festive slot.

So odd.

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