CMA's celebrate women

Published December 14, 2019

Country Music Awards 2019

Whilst we’re on a roll with female representation in our entertainment spaces, the Country Music Awards this year were an incredible show of women’s strength. Hosted by Reba, Carrie and Dolly, the show kicked off with a medley of songs from many, many, many women from throughout recent country music, including many I’d never heard of and need to know more about. (Who knew Delta Dawn wasn’t just the song Monica sings in a see-through shirt?)

Many of the performances were from female artists, with plenty of duets and features and mixes along the way. It was a really lovely thing to behold, and you could tell that all the women on stage and in the audience were appreciative of the message and the feeling of being seen.

Not all of the men could mask their indifference but that’s when you start to see who’s on the right team. Keith Urban stood out as a very enthusiastic member of the crowd. It was also great to see Lil Nas X in full cowboy regalia. That’s the one thing country music is still missing. Whilst the women are starting to turn the tide and get their message across, now what we need is more diversity and minorities to be represented.

Keep it up Nashville, you’re getting there.

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