The Keys to success

Published December 14, 2019

Black and white piano

I had seen in passing the news that James Corden was taking a break from his Late, Late show for other projects and guest hosts would be filling in. Alicia Keys kicked things off but it wasn’t until I caught the clips on YouTube that I realised just what a fab job she’d done.

We all know already that Keys is brilliant, but her take on the year wrap-up is a step above, even if only for the piano reveal with Rocky theme tune.

And I love that she skipped the depressing monologue in favour of complimenting the all-female crowd ahead of an all-female show (and Reggie). Her duet with Billie Eilish was gorgeous and the game of “guess the height of the person just from their head” was surprisingly fun and more difficult than you might have thought.

I know there are people out there who’d like JC replaced on a regular basis, I’m not one of them. But it is nice to mix it up sometimes and see what other people do with the platform. Some other interesting guest hosts are on the line up too, so I’ll be watching this space.

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