Strictly Come Dancing 2019, final thoughts

Published December 16, 2019

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Final thoughts! How can it be over already? I mean, I know it’s been weeks and we’ve all been on a journey and it’ll be quite nice to have my Saturday nights back but still… it’s all done!

What a final show it was, kicking off with an incredible routine, and featuring Taylor Swift, plus all the old gang back for one more round including lovely Will!

I really, really would have been happy with any of those three winning it but Kelvin edged it for me, and I’m so happy he and Oti took home the glitterball. It’s exactly what I predicted when I was ranting about Motsi being invited on as a judge - Oti will win and it’ll be awkward. But it wasn’t. Because Most is awesome, and I’d forgotten that actually the judges don’t have a lot of say during the final.

So a fantastic season, a worthy couple of winners, and a wonderful warm feeling to see us to the Christmas special. Just for completeness, here are my notes from during the episode.

Opening dance with the lights is amazing!! Love that Kelvin’s unchoreographed dancing is so dad dancing

Karim and Amy’s quickstep: Few mistakes, bit nervous maybe. Amy messed up the tape a bit at the start. I can’t believe that’s the best quickstep Shirley’s ever seen. Not a 40 for me, but Craig did get what he was asking for so I get it.

Emma and Anton’s Charleston: Really good, better than before. Was it polished enough for Craig? Anton stepped it up a notch too!

Kelvin and Oti’s Rumba: Just beautiful, as expected. Looks a bit nervous but had the harder of the three dances for the final, probably. How is this not a 40?? Craig.

Leaderboard: Karim, Emma, Kelvin. Completely the wrong way round. Voted for Emma based on the first round of dances.

The Showdances: Karim and Amy went all contemporary, liked the glitter flying everywhere and he was in tears at the end. A perfect dance for the pair of them. Emma and Anton went full on showbiz, very brave to dance with canes, think she looked tentative with them but the lift was amazing. Kelvin and Oti were SO FAST. Fast and furious, fun, great song, party moves, etc, etc, loved it.

As Kelvin said: “The worst thing you can do is give Oti Mabuse free reign.” I voted for Kelvin after this round because oof, it was amazing.

Karim and Amy’s Jive was a great one to finish their Strictly story with, I may actually have to reconsider which is the best ever Strictly jive.

Emma and Anton’s Viennese Waltz felt like an odd choice for the final dance, it was very moving for her but probably not really what I wanted from the final.

Kelvin and Oti’s Samba was what we were all waiting for. That’s it.

But after that round, Karim had actually won me over a bit and so voted for him. I managed one vote for each person, so completely wasted my evening!

I did not enjoy the bit where they have to answer “what would you like to say to your partner?” And why aren’t there any tissues around, literally everyone needed one at some point.

How did they manage to get TayTay, and how did she manage not to steal the show from the dancers? Very well done.

And Kelvin wins! Interesting that he was good on day one, I’ve loved him all the way, but he hasn’t been on a journey and normally the public are all about the journey. He’s been good from start to finish, and barely dipped, and we still wanted him to win. The super-sub thing is a bit of a story but ultimately, he’s just a great dancer.

“We are family, I got all my sisters with me.” Bad choice of song, BBC.

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