The best aesthetic

Published July 14, 2019

I’ve talked about Zac Efron’s YouTube channel before because I do applaud people opening up and sharing their workout insights - and it’s fun to see Zac win and lose against his celebrity friends.

In his most recent video, he pairs up with Alexandra Daddario and they have a mega workout with medicine balls and generally kill their cores.

One bit that stood out to me was Zac admitting the following about his Baywatch body:

That’s the best aesthetic/shape of being buff that I would ever want to achieve. I was not happy not eating carbs. Yea, I was pretty stoked when I saw the results but it was not worth it, you’re just sad. You can’t do anything, you can’t drink water sometimes, like f*** this.

It’s not new information for celebrities to talk about the diets and workout regimens they undertake to get in shape, and of course they are hard work and usually over-the-top. But I think it’s interesting for someone as fit as Zac is anyway to dislike it so much. And to say it’s not worth it.

Maybe he was doolally from being hit in the head with a medicine ball but I like to think it was a glimpse of honesty about what it really takes to get a Hollywood body.

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