Fit and funny

Published April 7, 2019

There’s always a big push these days to get people up and active and try and stem the sedentary lifestyles we have grown so used to. Given the many initiatives that are out there, I was wondering whether it wouldn’t be useful to have a celebrity or two making online videos that help try and show people how a) accessible and b) fun training and working out can be. It doesn’t have to be a chore.

Within the space of 24 hours, I stumbled across two YouTube channels that do just that. The first was from Kevin Hart, the comedian who is now on his second series of challenging friends and famous faces to various sporting endeavours. I watched three of the videos which veered from the relatively normal track and field with James Van Der Beek, to the downright crazy trampoline dodgeball with Anna Kendrick. But my favourite was with Rebel Wilson, who took on the karate challenge with Hart. The pair of them did so well that even the black belts couldn’t keep a straight face.

The second series I found was slightly less accessible, given that it’s presented by the very pumped up Zac Efron. He’s joined by the lovely Nina Dobrev (who is no stranger to working out) and the pair of them embark on some really quite difficult exercises. Even though the moves they were doing seemed quite out of my reach, it still made me want to grab a band and give it a go.

Also, I so want to get the jumper Nina is wearing at the start of the video.

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