Tina Fey, the athlete

Published May 28, 2018

Tina Fey in a green dress at the Emmys

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/

I’m pretty in love with Tina Fey as it goes, but watching her episode of the David Letterman Netflix interview show only served to make me love her more. She talks sense, she’s eloquent, confident but modest and a bit of a comedy genius, what’s not to like?

Two highlights from the show, but make sure you watch the whole thing if you can.

On being a woman in comedy and how the culture is starting to change:

I think the great thing about Saturday Night Live, the system is actually very fair because there is a huge table read in the middle of the week… they read like 40 or 50 sketches. You always get to write what you want and you’ll always get your shot to perform it in that table read. And if it plays, it will go, most likely.

What started to improve was, as the chemistry of that room started to become more diverse, things started to play better… there were just literally more women in the room, so they would sometimes laugh at stuff that the guys weren’t purposely not laughing at but didn’t appeal to them.

On bouncing back from a comedy mistake:

So, of course, in our climate, you go “Do I make a Twitter account and apologise?” But at a certain point, I decided that the culture of apology is not for me. So what I do is, I promise, I swear to god, anybody who was mad at me, I hear you and I will learn and I will continue to change… but I’m also not gonna stop trying. You just have to be an athlete about it and go, yep, I broke my ankle on the landing, next time we try again.

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