2018 goals

Published January 1, 2018

2018 goals

It’s this time of year that people start talking about making resolutions. I’m guilty of it too, and I always have those thoughts rolling around my head for New Year: eat less, move more, write more, do more, be better.

This year I was all ready to get specific again, and then I realised, it’s not about those measurable goals. Sure, I have plenty of things I want to achieve in 2018 but the overarching thing that I, and the world, needs is not a list of my boring plans.

Instead it’s about the simpler things.

Be nice.

Be thoughtful.

Be kind.

Talk, but listen more.

Learn and grow and change your mind.

Be proud. Life is hard, but you’re making it.

Be awesome. The world needs awesome people.

Be fearless. You are loved, so take a chance.

Most of all, be you. Glorious, wonderful, flawed, beautiful, complicated you.

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