Mr C's top five songs of 2017

Published December 31, 2017

This annual tradition has had its ups and downs. Initially, Mr C enjoyed the process of selecting his top five songs and films of the year gone by. Then he started agonising over the choices and gradually began to hate this time of year. But I care not! It’s a tradition and we’re doing it for 2017 just like all the years gone by. This time, to appease him and because we really weren’t inspired by cinema so much, I’ve said just songs, not films.

So here they are: Mr C’s top five songs of 2017.

1- What About Us, P!nk

2- Green Light, Lorde

3- Right Now, HAIM

4- Plot Twist, Sigrid

5- Hard Times, Paramore

A quick word from the man himself on the state of music this year:

“A year dominated by female artists and exceptionally good albums. Every song on the list is backed by an equally good album. We lost the iTunes music festival which, in previous years, was the go to place. But we had Glastonbury and a lot of documentaries - Beats 1 put out a lot of strong content - that gave us context that we’ve been missing previously. Albums and songs got to mean more rather than just existing in a vacuum.”

Mr C would like me to mention that Kelsea Ballerina had the best album of the year, but none of the songs were strong enough in themselves to make the top five. She has, in fact, become a better Taylor Swift than Taylor Swift is these days.

Finally, the shortlist that he worked from to come up with this top five. I suspect it was the biggest shortlist to date, so goodness knows what will happen next year.

2017 song list

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