Are there comics in the future?

Published January 10, 2016

I’m not one that particularly wants a Back to the Future sequel, even though I’m a huge fan of the trilogy. However, anything else we can get that allows us to spend time in Hill Valley is fine by me. I hugely enjoyed the Telltale Games episodic game series that thrust us straight back into the world of time travel and all its many consequences. I drooled over the BTTF lego set, and loved reading the movie line by line in that slightly odd Twitter project.

So, imagine my joy to discover there’s a comic book series - four individual comics - set in and around Hill Valley, giving additional stories and insights into the world of Doc and Marty, and their travels. I signed up for a Comixology account and snapped them up immediately, despite my novice status with regards to comics.

The comics are fantastic, with the first book of the series revealing just how Doc and Marty met - something many have wondered about given their unlikely pairing. The rest is stacked full of “untold tales and alternate timelines” creating a whole new raft of problems and perils for the duo to overcome.

Back to the Future comics

I’ve read two of the four comics, and am sort of saving the others because with so few of them available I need to savour the joy! But they’re brilliant, and I highly recommend them. It’s also made me curious about comics as a whole, and what other gems I can find out there. It’s always been a world I’ve found daunting, but Comixology does seem to make it as easy as possible, so watch this space!

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