The Hill Valley Project - Back to the Future Twitter-style

Published October 27, 2013

TV and film does very well on Twitter. Besides live tweeting essential events and posting instant reviews to films you’ve just seen, there are also the endless accounts packed with quotes (I follow some Friends and some Simpsons ones), and those that go a little beyond that. In the past, I’ve seen a few “recreation lists” whereby someone sets up a few accounts to do the back and forth that a play or some dialogue requires.

This has to be my favourite.

The Hill Valley Project is playing out the Back to the Future movie in real time - as in, the time the events should take to happen, rather than the ninety minutes of film time.

As a BTTF nerd, this is absolutely up my street and it’s already been the highlight of my day a couple of times. I particularly enjoyed when Doc Brown got to OMG when Marty turns up at his door in 1955. And Marty’s “We do now,” was accompanied by a Twitpic.

At the time of writing, Marty’s just having a bit of an idea about blowing young George’s mind.

Back to the Future Twitter project

I highly recommend following along to see what happens next. I mean, we know what happens next, if you’re anything like me you can spout the next few scenes verbatim. But how it will play out on Twitter? That’s worth tuning in for!

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