Back to the Future Episode 5 - Outtatime means the end!

Published July 27, 2011

Oh, how I have so loved having Back to the Future back in my life. Not that it ever went anywhere, but fresh material, and most importantly good fresh material has been brilliant.

I have already blogged every episode of the TellTale Game revival, and whilst I do not have much more to add now I have completed episode five, it seemed only fair to have a farewell post to complete the set.

Goodness, I need to work on the consistency of my titles. Anyhoo, the final part.

Back to the Future Part 5

It was good, just as good as the others, although there were highs and lows. I loved walking round the expo, seeing the different stands, and particularly that they all came into play in the end. It’s fascinating to see how the people of 1931 think the future will be… or how the people of 2011 portray the people of 1931 thinking the future will be. Um, you know what I mean.

I didn’t really like the end once it got to the Edna bit, but it was still fun to play. It felt a little bit more like they were holding your hand through the whole thing, but that’s okay. As I’ve said many times, it’s not so much a game, as an interactive extension to the films.

It was really flippin’ exciting to hear Michael J Fox do his bit - it was a larger part than I’d been expecting, and hearing him chat with Marty McFly blew my mind just a little bit.

As mentioned the end tapered off a little. Not bad, not at all, just not as epic as it could have been. Having said that, it was quite open, so another five part series isn’t out of the question! I shall not get my hopes up though. These five games were brilliant, it extended the Hill Valley world and it created rounder characters where I previously didn’t think there was much else to know about them. Great creativity, great concept, great games.

Here’s to time travel, to Back to the Future and to good times with Marty and the Doc.

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