Puzzle pieces

Published December 26, 2015

Many times, I started writing the post about my Life List challenge to complete a puzzle book but the trouble is… well, it’s boring, isn’t it? Who wants to read about someone else trying to do a puzzle? I envisaged glorious photos and regular updates, but to be frank, I couldn’t summon the energy to take any!

I completed the puzzle book (almost) at some point earlier in the year, and have only just found the time to write about it. Here’s a quick video to prove it.

In brief, the facts and figures are that there were 51 puzzles, and I completed 43, half completed 4 and didn’t even attempt 4. I like the logic style puzzles, and enjoyed the fact I found a few of the puzzles I never thought I’d be able to do but actually whizzed through easily. I did not like cryptic crosswords or that weird one where you just have a grid of squares and have to both create the crossword shape and fill it in.

Anyway, pretty much three years after purchasing the book with Princess Kate on the cover (who has had two children in the time it’s taken me to finish), I’m done with it. Phew.

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