Creating the ultimate Christmas playlist

Published December 21, 2015

One thing that had never really occurred to me about streaming music services until the last couple of weeks, is the access you have to things that you don’t need all the time. Sure, you want to create playlists of your favourite songs and you want to listen to the best band albums over and over again, but sometimes there is music you only require for a specific period of time - and Christmas is that time.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be able to quickly tap on a Christmas album or song, have a listen, and then not have to look at it ever again. You don’t have to have it clutter up your digital music collection, and more than anything, you don’t have to rush to skip it when Jingle Bell Rock blasts out of your speakers at the height of summer. Accessing all the music all the time means you can actually get more selective and more appropriate than ever.

Snowman drawing

So, with so much Christmas music out there to access, I’ve started putting together my ultimate Christmas playlist. Sure, we all know the classics and they have every right to be a festive staple, but looking beyond the Mariah Careys and Noddy Holders to slightly more obscure tunes is a bit of a treat.

If I’m honest, at the moment, I only have two songs in the playlist, but that’s because I’ve just got this thing going and haven’t yet put the hours in. Currently, my “How a Christmas Playlist Should be Done” collection features Bill Nighy’s classic cover from Love Actually, and the Snoop Dogg remix from Pitch Perfect 2. These are the kind of underplayed gems I want to fill the playlist with. There will be more added as the days tick by, and I’m looking forward to playing the heck out of these songs before forgetting about them for another full year.

It’s taken me a long time to get on board with this music streaming lark, but this is one more reason to love it.

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