Catching up, starting fresh - Life List Review 2014/15

Published December 26, 2015

Since I started my Life List project six years ago (six!), I’ve been wrapping up how each year has gone and what I’ve experienced that I probably wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t started such a thing. The last so-called Life List Review, however, was at the end of 2013, and two years have passed since then. I made the silly mistake of taking on some exams and spent the next 24 months with my head in textbooks, papers, mock exams, highlighters, notebooks and more.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t complete a couple of Life List items, but it does mean such things as the Alphabet Adventure weren’t even looked at. It also means that I’ve changed significantly as a person, which in turn resulted in an overhaul of the list itself.

That being said, here’s just a quick wrap up of things to note going into a year where I will (fingers crossed) have a bit more time to indulge in personal goals, rather than professional ones.

  • I finally reached the Film Watch goal of watching 500 movies. The film that took the coveted 500th spot? Well, it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which was slightly less spectacular than I’d been hoping, but sometimes you just want to watch what you want to watch. 2015 saw a record breaking number of films consumed, thanks to that thing where you study so hard you literally can’t do anything else but sit down with a remote control and some popcorn. The more I watch, the more I learn, the more references I get, the more interconnected the films are, the more I want to watch. Film Watch isn’t ending any time soon, despite being checked off the Life List.
  • I gave up with blogging Doctor Who episodes, because the new Doctor doesn’t do it for me. People seem to love Peter Capaldi’s portrayal, so I have nothing against the guy, it’s just not my cup of tea. Talking of tea, I’ve also abandoned the “try new foods/tea” options because it’s just not on my radar at the moment. Subscribing to HelloFresh in 2014 really helped open my eyes to new foods and new ways of cooking, which was enough to satiate this desire.
  • My trip to the US last year saw me take in a baseball game, and as excited as I was about the sport when I first got back, I have to be honest and say that it’s drifted out of my mind of late. I’m far more interested in tennis these days, and watch as much as possible (mostly of the WTA as that is on BT Sport). It’s another game that delivers more the more you put into it, as there are so many tournaments and names and faces to remember. However, I have already added tennis as one of the ten sports I want to watch live, so will need to branch out again soon.

Recent changes to the Life List have made it more about going places and seeing things, as well as getting more creative. Having been somewhat stifled by the hectic studying schedule, it’s fair to say that when it’s all over (hopefully in 2016), I want to go to ALL the places and do ALL the things. That’s not too big a task, is it?

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