Trailer Tuesday - Bears making a getaway

Published August 20, 2013

The trailers

I am so not sure where I stand on this trailer for Getaway - it looks good and intriguing but I just don’t understand why someone would want someone to drive quite so much.

Also, I’m not sure what kind of goody-two-shoes Disney persona Selena ever had, but she’s shedding it quickly.

In a completely different sort of film, the aforementioned Disney have one of those nature documentaries coming out, and this one is about BEARS.

I might have to watch it on mute because whatever lovey-dovey family stuff is being narrated, I really just want to see the cute bear galloping around.

Film stuff

Other bits and pieces about the film world that I have opinions on but aren’t necessarily at the trailer stage yet.

  • Yet more Disney, I thought this Tomorrowland mystery box marketing campaign was very interesting. It’s so Damon Lindelof it hurts, which means I don’t trust it even slightly.
  • I’ll admit to not having read this article entirely yet, but I’m bookmarking it for later consumption - thoughts from the man that brought Marvel’s superheroes together, and why it’s a huge challenge for DC.
  • I don’t know if I realised that the sequel to Finding Nemo is called Finding Dory. Great casting for the parents of the slightly scatty fish, but I hope that the fact Dory must get lost at some point doesn’t mean she isn’t on screen for a lot of the time. She was the best bit about the first film.
  • A website that chronicles the suits of James Bond and friends? Niche but I love it. I’m fascinated the idea of analysing the fashions of such an enduring franchise.

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