Famous first words

Published August 19, 2013

Did you ever wonder whether using the lines from pop songs would help to find you a date?

Well, whether you did or you didn’t, someone has put the theory to the test for you, and the video evidence makes for some amusing viewing. On the Vevo YouTube channel, there is a series of videos called Lyric Lines, in which Tommy Wooldridge takes specific lines from pop songs – one video per artist – and tries them out on the ladies.

The results are amusing. He’s so brave/crazy/foolish going up to strangers like this.

At first I was a bit put off, it doesn’t seem too kind to be accosting people like this, but watching all the way to the end, nobody particularly seems to mind and they take it with the good grace it is intended.

There are lots of different artists attempted, and almost all of them have next-to-no success. I particularly enjoyed the N Sync one, if only for the rather shocking result with one particular girl.

I’m surprised more people don’t realise what he is doing, although perhaps we just don’t get to see those. I was also surprised to see how many people had a boyfriend, although again, that’s just a good way to get the crazy man spouting lyrics at you to go away!

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